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Heritage Roofing Specialists


Yorkshire Stone Roofing

Fitting a Yorkshire stone roof, will last a lifetime and the slates can be left on one side before being turned and reused, making your roof look new, all over again.

Harrison Roofing are a Yorkshire stone roofing specialist, if you’re looking for a durable, beautiful and enduring alternative to artificial roof tiles, then get in contact with Ian to discuss your requirements.

Yorkstone roof.jpg

Specialist Roofing

Hardwearing Yorkshire Stone Slate is a reclaimed stone. Originally quarried in the Yorkshire region, the term ‘slate’ merely refers to ‘slating’, the way in which a roof is covered with slates.

Harrison Roofing are suppliers of Yorkshire Stone Slates that are suitable for any roofing project which involves a listed or protected heritage building, thus maintaining the traditional appearance and which complements the rest of the building and surrounding properties.

Yorkstone roof.jpg
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